NBS Science and Innovation Platform

Identification of Beneficial Properties
Our platform conducts extensive research to identify plants with properties that can address specific nutritional and health concerns. This involves studying traditional medicine practices as well as leveraging modern scientific techniques to understand the bioactive compounds present in these plants.

Bioprospecting and Bioactivity Testing
We conduct bioprospecting activities to discover new plants and evaluate their bioactivity through rigorous testing. This process involves screening plant extracts for their potential effects on human and animal health, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and other beneficial properties.

Research Partnerships
We establish collaborative partnerships with leading education institutions, including universities and research centres, to conduct fundamental research in areas related to nutrition, health, and wellness. These partnerships enable us to leverage the expertise of academic researchers and access state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Core Research Projects
Our platform supports core research projects focused on developing innovative products and technologies aimed at addressing specific challenges identified in collaboration with our partners. This may involve interdisciplinary research spanning fields such as biology, chemistry, agronomy, veterinary science, and nutrition.

Training and Capacity Building
We invest in training and capacity building initiatives to empower researchers and students to contribute to scientific advancements in nutrition and wellness. This includes providing research grants, internships, and educational programs aimed at fostering talent and expertise in relevant scientific disciplines.

Product Development Partnerships
We collaborate with commercial establishments, including food production companies and medical organisations to translate research findings into practical applications and bring innovative products to market. This involves licensing agreements, joint ventures, and co-development partnerships aimed at commercializing promising technologies.

Market Access Strategies
Our platform assists commercial partners in developing market access strategies for innovative products, including regulatory compliance, marketing, and distribution channels. We leverage our expertise in nutrition science, regulatory affairs, and market intelligence to facilitate successful product launches and market penetration.

Consumer Engagement and Education
We prioritize consumer engagement and education initiatives to raise awareness about the benefits of innovative products developed through our collaborations. This includes marketing campaigns, educational materials, and community outreach programs aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and informed consumer choices.