Company overview

The founder of the company has thirty years of experience in biotechnology and life sciences specialising in the use of natural resources, marine and terrestrial plants. These plants are cultured and collected in a sustainable manner and processes in accordance with Food and Feed law following HACCP and GMP Standards.

The ultimate goal and ethos of Nutri Biotech is to develop products that assist the production of industrial and companion animals on a global scale through improved welfare and enhanced performance by stimulating the animal’s ability to assimilate essential elements from its diet and mount a better and more sustained immune response allowing it to cope with various environmental challenges. 

This will lead to a better return on investment for the end user and aid in securing food production for every growing global population.

Nutri Biotech offers a diverse range of products and techniques, specializing in the use of industrial by-products, plant extracts, and natural marine resources. All our products are sustainably sourced locally, adhering to the Nagoya Protocol. Our primary research focus is on enhancing animal welfare sustainably, conducted in partnership with universities and research institutions worldwide. Advanced technologies are utilized commercially by leading animal nutrition companies. Our products are distributed by over twenty distributors across Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Nutri Biotech maintains strong connections with the agriculture sector, working closely with farmers to cultivate and process various plants used as raw materials. Our experienced commercial diving team, with over twenty years in the field, conducts underwater research and collects essential marine plants and algae. All the materials are processed in our GMP accredited facility by our highly trained and skilled team.

We also offer a variety of innovative ingredients and concepts designed to improve feed efficiency, boost productivity, reduce waste, and promote animal health and well-being. Our mission is to help customers achieve maximum output with minimal input. Each feed formulation is unique, and our specialists are here to help find the perfect combination of functional and nutritional ingredients tailored to customers specific needs.

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